Sunday, January 31, 2016

30/30 Challenge Collage 2016

30/30 Challenge 2016
by Renee Brennan

Yay!  Third year in a row for this get off your butt and paint challenge.

Thank you to Leslie Saeta who hosts this on her blog 
and is an amazing palette knife painter.
To see the over 1000 other artist's collages that participated, go here.
Leslie also hosts a podcast called Artists' Helping Artists' with great information 
 on all kinds of art biz topics.   

My take on this years challenge:

1.  I set a lower goal of 15 and did a happy medium. I had to do this mainly because hubby is recovering from back surgery and I got to be taxi wife....all is good though :) and yes he is doing fine!

2.  I got to paint a pig!! his name is Vance and you may see him again :)

3. Dogs with tongues hanging out are pretty funny to paint.  

4.  With a good photo reference, getting the eyes right is important to me. 
I think it either makes the painting work or not.

5. Cat's rarely look happy, they are just too cool for that! (loved the cats) will be doing more of those soon.

6.  First time painting a chicken and two horses and a pony...probably the last time painting a chicken two horses and a pony.

7. Thank YOU for sending me pics of your fur babies and also thank you to those purchased them on my Etsy Shop!!  

8. Thank you also for your interest in my art!!  

9. Now you can relax and not wait for my next post haha...I take long breaks.


Meredith Adler said...

Such a wonderful collection...I didn't get to see much art during the Challenge, unfortunately, but so glad your collage caught my eye so I see these pieces. Congratulations...

Corinna Woodard said...

Love the final collection! They look great together. You really captured some fun expressions on those animals' faces! Have enjoyed following your work this month, Renee.

Renee Brennan said...

Thank you Meredith! I agree it took a lot of time just painting, photographing, posting was tiring!

Renee Brennan said...

Thank you Corinna!