Thursday, September 14, 2017

Celebration of Life with an Artful Earth Loom

Three weeks ago I was finally ready to do an art show at a beautiful garden venue called Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, Michigan.  As I was loading up the truck with all of my arts and crafts for the weekend, I began getting frantic texts from family members.  My niece Melissa suffered years of Type 1 Diabetes since she was a 8yrs old.  The messages were that she wasn't responding and paramedics where on the way.  This didn't surprise me much because it happened often.  Too often.  However this felt different.  I waited a bit to hear back.  Prayed hard.  
Then other out of state family started messaging me that they saw something on social media.  My heart sunk.  I called my sister and it was true.  She could barely speak.  Devistated.  Melissa was gone.  Our beautiful 32 year old had left us all to wonder why?  How can this be?  So young.

My sister and 2 other nieces in all of their devistation had to make plans.  The kind of plans nobody ever wants to make.  We all gathered. Shocked. Cried. Prayed.  The funeral home was ready to do what they do.  Then something amazing happened.  My sister had started working at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm.  Her boss and co workers were so kind and caring that they offered the venue for Melissa.  It was perfect.  A stunning garden setting instead of a stuffy funeral parlor.  The co-workers and many friends took over and made this very sad day so lovely and uplifting as can be, that one will never forget.  
Of course our hearts were breaking and tears flowing while memories and stories were shared, I would have to say that it was the most beautiful send off anyone could ever hope for.  

Pictured below is of an Earth Loom that Heavenly Scent Herb Farm set up. It was made of tree branches for the frame, about 4"x4".  Heavy twine for the vertical threads.  Pieces of leather that people could write heartfelt messages to Melissa and weave them into the loom.  Everyone brought flowers from their own gardens or personal trinkets.   When completed it was absolutely breathtaking.  Melissa would have loved it. 

Forever young you will be.  Rest in Peace sweet Melissa.
Love, Aunt Nay Nay

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Shop!

"Booth #402"
Something new!!
I have a little corner booth at The Red Door, located in Allendale, MI.

Not as much painting time as I'd hoped in my husbands retirement haha, but still being creative and trying new things such as, making stools and cutting boards with my dad, painting farm animals on reclaimed wood and fabric collage onto embroidery hoops like this:

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A few goodies can also be found here in my Etsy Shop.

Renee ;)