Friday, June 17, 2011

Wonderful Workshop

This is a photo taken from the Workshop of Abbey Ryan.  It was situated in the Pennsylvania countryside at the Artist's of Yardley.  AoY is a great place to take classes, workshops, kids camps and  see local artists work.

The photo below is of Abbey giving a very informative demo.  We were asking her all kinds of questions and she graciously answered while painting.   Alla prima is the practice she chooses which means to paint wet on wet and complete in one sitting.  

After lunch the class set up about 5 different still lifes throughout the room near the windows.  I shared one with 2 other gals it was  a piece of pottery, 2 cherries and a pear.  I had never painted those fruits before so it was fun trying something new.

Abbey took the time to sit down with each of us and study the view we were painting...then gave us her expertise advice on how to correct or enhance something on our paintings.  I learned quite a bit, but still have far to go. 
 Abbey's workshop was enjoyable and she is a gifted young lady who is also very inspiring.  If you have  a chance to see more of her work or take a workshop, I highly recommend it!!!
p.s. she paints and sells her beautiful small works nearly every day...amazing!!

6X8 Oil on panel

Here is my study of the setup....I have been playing with it today but still need to adjust the background and shadows need to be darker....reflections are driving me crazy!!   time to take a break :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy Fish & Matisse Inspired Birdbath

This is what I have been up to ....painting a crazy looking fish for one of my collectors 
a Matisse inspired birdbath.
 Fun to paint these kind of things, but now I am content being inside since it is about 95 degrees outside!