Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art Inspiration in NYC

Just a few favorites from
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim & MOMA

 I have not posted in a few months.
I lost my mother on St. Patricks Day.
It has been very hard moving forward and
anything to do with my art has been pushed aside.  
My mom was a fun loving person who was also very creative in different way's
such as sewing, decorating, crafts  and even  few paintings.
She alway's had a cabinet packed full of artsy stuff for  her grandkids to play with & explore.
She was alway's encouraging me to create since I  can remember.
Thanks mom.  :)

So this past week I took a much needed little trip to NYC and met up with a good friend & artist
who I had not seen in 10 years....way too long!!
Needless to say she is one of those kind of friends where you just pick up where we left off.
Not only was it wonderful to catch up, but she was the perfect person to visit all of the best art museums with.

I could go on about everything we saw and did, but that would take forever.
Just know that little spark is still there and I will be getting messy soon.
(don't worry mom, I will clean up my mess!)