Monday, October 31, 2011

Virtual Paintout Sardinia, Italy

Basilica di Saccargia 1116
(Basilica of the Holy Trinity)
Sardinia, Italy

Watercolor pencils & ink

Comments:  Both are different views of the same location for Virtual Paintout Sardina this month.
I chose this scene which is a place I have actually been to.  While living in Sardinia a few years ago, my family and some friends were  driving along and spotted this old Basilica in the middle of the countryside.  Curious and probably in the need of facilities we wondered about  the grounds.  I remember hearing bells in the distance, when we looked toward the hills there were many sheep making their way down the hill and all had bells around their necks...It was pretty neat because it felt like going back in time.  
The only thing touristy about it was  a charming little old Sardinian lady selling oranges, water, handmade souvenir's and sheep bells.  Yes I bought a sheep bell....they could have been cow bells because there were also cows! ....anyway
The Basilica itself was beautiful and the architecture is Romanesque.  It is constructed entirely of local black basalt and white limestone.  Inside are incredible frescoes painted in the 12th century.
The sketches above really don't do it any justice so take a peak here to see more.