Friday, May 3, 2013

Losing my Marbles!

"Jar of Marbles" 8x10 Oil Sold

This week I was going to post about our upcoming group artshow with the Muddy Creek Artists Guild
The Artist's on the Halfshell show is the show where we all have to have new work.  Good thing right?  Yes and no.  Yes because it keeps us fresh and on our toes...well me at least, and No because I have no time for anything else but getting ready for it.  I wanted to post 10 of my new pieces starting with "Jar of Marbles"  So here it is.  Never coming back to my house because it SOLD!  Here are 2 more from the marble group.   More later...maybe :)

"Marble Duo" 4x4 Oil  SOLD!

"Marble Trio" 4x4 Oil 
Available $60 framed