Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trying Watercolors During Sandy

Water droplets 
These are my attempt  at using watercolors.  Last year I bought a watercolor kit and am just now getting around to playing with it. The paper is Arches 140lb coldpress (which I have no idea what that really means) and the paints are liquid Rembrandt.  What I found was that the paper really makes a difference, because I had some other (apparently less quality) and the Arches worked much better.

Inspiration came from an  Art Tutorial on the  Daily Paintworks  site showing a mini demo on how to make these drops by Barbara Fox.  Check it out!     DPW is also hosting a 
Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser, by purchasing donated artwork.  

I got a little brave and  tried to paint this  Rosemary plant that was brought inside  from the monster storm.  Usually  I paint in oils and some acrylics, so this was definately a different medium to play with.