Thursday, May 27, 2010

Painted Rain Barrel Project

Rain Barrel Project
Muddy Creek Artists Guild Outreach

This was how I spent my last Saturday, well really a few weeks ago painting this rain barrel
for the rain gardens to be installed at our local Shady Side Museum which is located on the 
Chesapeake Bay.

  As part of our groups outreach project, I took this one on and recruited a few of my fellow MCAG to help with the painting....serving them lunch alway's does the trick:)

This side has my little Box Turtle along with a few other critters.

Other side has a Blue Heron painted by Saralee Chaney

My other friend Nanci Worthington  painted this beautiful barrel with 
sunflowers and Maryland Blue Crab on it.  

note:  Other artist Flo Ormond helped paint a butterfly (sorry I didn't get a picture of it).