Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 27 - Sycamore

"Sycamore" 6x6 oil
by Renee Brennan

Day 27 of the 30/30 Challenge 
is sweet boy Sycamore who my 
dear friend rescued years ago.
It's wonderful how rescue animals can 
be the best pets ever.

About the painting.  I had to use a couple different
photo references for Sycamore, and need to tweek just
a couple little things on him.  His owner said 
"There's my boy"!  So at least I captured his personality..yay!

About this challenge.  My very first post said that I would be happy 
to do at least 15 of the 30 day's....This one will be 22 and I have
more than enough to finish.  SO, the others I haven't finished will 
eventually get done, it will just be into Feb...or even March.

Thanks for hanging in there!


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