Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26 "The Blizzard"

"The Blizzard"  6x6  no oil
by Renee Brennan

Day 26 -  I non painted the big blizzard of 2015
tee hee...I am a 30/30 party pooper today.

What really happened here?  
TOO many errands including picking up son traveling 
from NYC to Baltimore on bus in Blizzard.
Picking up daughter's winning Taylor Swift Tickets 
in strange building in Baltimore that was
like being in the Twilight Zone...very crazy day.
not bad, just overly busy :

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Chris Hancock a.k.a. Pajama Artist said...

:) Your post made me laugh.
For day 27, you can paint a white car driving during a blizzard without any headlights on.