Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25 "Red Barn on Hill"

"Red Barn on Hill"  5x5 oil
by Renee Brennan
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Day 25 is a beautiful red barn in Lothian, Maryland.  I love the 2's like a superstar barn!!
I wonder what's inside?  probably the usual tractor, horse, hay,  swimming pool, huh?  
Yes, I'm sure there is a swimming pool in that superstar barn.  
There I go dreaming again.

30 Paintings in 30 Days.


Fay Terry said...

Nice job on the barn, Renee. I also enjoyed seeing all your other paintings in the challenge. It has been fun and the best part is meeting other artists.

Renee Brennan said...

Thank Fay! it is fun to meet new art peeps!