Saturday, September 3, 2011

Naming of the Cherries

6X6 " Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

With an upcoming show in under 2 weeks I had to stop painting in oils.  Why?  because they would not be dry in time for the hanging.  Yes I have been guilty of hanging wet art.  
 Now is the part where we organize (not my best quality) and get down to the business of framing, inventory the pieces, pricing, marketing and selling the art.... Now to my dilema.  Naming of the paintings.  All I can think of is the obvious boring names that go with a painting.  "Three Cherries and a Bottle"  ....boring....  Some artists are so clever at this and every now and then I come up with one.  But this time my hope for cleverness is failing.  So I ask you, what would you name this painting?  

By the way the upcoming "Harvest of Artists" show is with the Muddy Creek Artists Guild and is going to be at the wonderful  Green Street Gardens 391 West Bay Front Road Lothian, Maryland 20711
September 16, 17 & 18   
(open up either link for more info)

Several of us will be painting plein air in the gardens.  Stop by and say hello!

UPDATE:  Name of this painting will be....."BREAKOUT CHERRIES"
Thanks to everyone for all the fun names and feedback!


The Furry Godmother said...

You're gettin good at this glass thing!

Hmmmm. Name? Clear Cherry Choices? Melvin? Sometimes a still life should just be named the obvious.

You know, Georgia O'Keefe painted al la prima...

Flo Ormond said...

3 Cherries Looking for Mr. Chocolate

Sundae toppers!

1 cherry captured, 2 escaped!

Gail Schneider said...

"Inside ... out.
Gail Schneider

michelle said...

feeling left out :p

three's a crowd

trois cerises

Linda Dennis said...

How about Outside Looking In
What makes you so special?

Linda Dennis said...

Outside looking in....
What makes you so special?

Anonymous said...

Ménage á Twoís...Chéri??

Tracey Scolaro said...

Hey Nay

What about

Cherry Trilogy?

Erin said...

Sure wish I could just hop a flight and come see you. Good luck at the show.

Renee Brennan said...

Thanks for all the feedback everybody!!

Angela said...

What a lovely bottle and the pepper to of course.