Friday, May 13, 2016

"Milk" & "Brownie"

These two fur babies are California cats.  
I envy them living the life in sunny San Diego.  Mostly because 1. I miss living there and 2. we on the East coast have had rain for weeks on end and it's getting old!  The only positive about this weather is that I am making a blog post instead of mowing the lawn and planting flowers which alway's makes me itchy.  
Moving on.... 
I did enjoy painting each one.  The owner sent several pics of both.  Milk has so much white in his fur that it had to be simplified with subtle shadows which is tricky. I really, really liked his blue eyes and so I thought the blue background would make them stand out even more.

 "Milk" 6x8 oil by 
Renee Brennan

And then here is Brownie.  
He sure was a challenge because his fur is so dark I could hardly see his sweet face or any shape of his body, I finally got a profile photo of him looking out the window.  
He is probably staring at a little humming bird with those big green least that is what I'm imagining :)

 "Brownie" 6x8 oil by
Renee Brennan


Darla McDowell said...

Beautiful portraits, Renee!

Renee Brennan said...

Thank you Darla!! :)