Thursday, March 6, 2014

Accepted..River Gallery Juried Show "Bottle, Book and a Pear" & "Pussywillow's in a Tenmoku Tea cup"

Well I am very happy to announce
that I got 2 paintings jury selected into the
River Gallery's 25th Community Show!
Even happier that I am in very good company there with some amazing artists.

"Pussywillow's in a Tenmoku Tea Cup"
6x8 Oil
$200 Framed

"Bottle, Book and a Pear"
12x15 Oil
$300 Framed

River Gallery is located in the charming town of Galesville 
on the Chesapeake Bay,  in Maryland.
If you get a chance stop by,  they are open Fri - Sun 11-5.
This Community Show runs until March 30.   Artist Reception is March 8, 3-5pm. 

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