Thursday, June 13, 2013

From Rain Barrel Renee To Propane Tank Painter?

So you know those gianamic propane tanks that some of us have on the side of our homes?
Well I have one, but these are not mine.  I  got commissioned to paint "something" on them.
I had done this design before on some Rainbarrels (see pages to the right)
Mr. Van Gogh has inspired these with his Iris & Poppy paintings.  
I think they look much better than boring ole white don't you?

 After, Ta Da!


steph said...

Great job Renee.

Jenn said...

They look wonderful! Such a cool idea!

Maria Emilia Moreira said...

As garrafas de gás ficaram com um "look" muito lindo!

Lotus416 said...

Really Creative! great way to camouflage