Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Good Morning"

"Good Morning"  6x8 Oil sold
by Renee Brennan

This painting should be called "Mikes Morning Ritual"
 because it really is! 
 My step-son Mike, is a certified coffee nut, I mean guru, ha ha sorry Mike. 
 I do admit he himself makes an amazing cup of coffee
 from his favorite brand called Ritual.  He has all these gadgets for measuring, grinding, timing and POURING thee PERFECT cup.  If you want to sneak in creamer, forget it!!  NOT allowed!  Once you taste coffee prepared this way called a pour- over, it is clear as to why creamer is a no no.  
While visiting him in NYC this summer, Mike took my husband and I to his favorite coffee shop called Sweetleaf in Long Island City.  This was my little shot of espresso and sparkling water...I forgot why we had the water,  probably just to clear the pallette, so please forgive me,  I am still in coffee training.

This painting was also submitted to the Daily Paintworks challenge Paint your Mug.  It was why I took the photo in the first place!  cards & print are available by contacting me.  


sandi said...

Very nice Renee. I love watching your art get better and better and best.

Heather said...

Beautiful! I really love it!

Barbara said...

I'm a huge fan of coffee, and this painting to. You did a great job handling reflection and refraction.

Jenn said...

Nice painting, Renee. I love the coffee story also! Very cute.