Friday, June 15, 2012

Osprey at #1

"Osprey at #1"
24x24 Acrylic & Collage 

My little story behind it goes like this:
Last Fall I got a new puppy named Daisy.  Well Miss Daisy likes to chew on things.  
While I was busy painting, she kept bringing sticks inside the house, via
her doggy door.  I had to keep taking them away, and before I knew it there was a 
pile of sticks next to the easel.  As I started painting the nest I thought hmmm these sticks
might be interesting to create the nest ...after wrecking my fingers wiring them into the canvas and adding clouds made from husbands (old) Chesapeake Bay charts all was done.  
 Now you have the tale of my inspiration.   Thanks Miss Daisy!

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